Those Who Listen Thread the Labyrinth

What We Learn from Elijah’s Ravens

The Song of the Manchild Miracle

What We Learn from the Osprey

The Last Laugh of Easter

Hot Lava

Three Signs of a Good Community

The Other Side of Myself

Three Signs of Your Calling

The Artist

Jim Alford on His 90th

2024 and the Lost Christian

On Prophecy: An Introduction

On Daniel 10:1-11:1

The Honeymoon

The Bells of Matins

The Pocket Watch

Why I Search the Scriptures

Passion, Purpose, and the Missing Peace

The Gift of Saffron

Tragedy, Therapy, and the Missing Peace

Faith in the Somehow

The Year 2023 and the (S)meltdown of Hope

The Sacrament of the Present Moment: A Souk Story

Your Weakness Saves You, Part 2

Your Weakness Saves You, Part 1

Disappointment & The Parable of the Waterfall

Is Holding onto the Cliff Face Success?

Do We Do Dissent Well?

Vision and Our Need for New Lenses

Motives, Mysteries, and Leaders

Hold onto Your Thread in the Tangle

Humility and Creative Outcomes

Five Books for Your Winter

The Prophecy of Plod the Horse

Ode to the Last Jaguar

Humility and Geography

Honesty and the Risks We Take

Why You Should Write

For Sam on His Graduation Day

The Ivy of Tbilisi

The Sculptor

Fairuz in the Morning

The Power of Little by Little

Acceptance: the Unexpected Virtue

Our First Calling is to Listen

The Aroma of Prayer

How to Pray for the Wicked

Rejection and Honey from the Rock

Where We Are Headed

The Three Heavens

Weakness Waters the Garden

Growing Up until We Are Little Children

Hope & Hairdressers: What It Means to Wait on the Lord

What Does It Mean To Walk by Faith?

Hurt by Church: “I Received These Wounds in the House of My Friends”

Stormproof Compass for the Chaos

Rest Leads to Revelation

Worst-Case Scenario Faith

Prayer, Compost, and Praying without Ceasing

Seven Questions to Ask for Testing a Spiritual Message

Nine Questions to Ask When You Dream a Dream

Pray Like Mr. Rogers


Lament of Duke Ulrich

Ode To the Moon

Rembrandt Invites You Into His Storm

Description of a Larry Dyke Painting

Hopkins Gives the Windhover a Voice

Three Servants on Your Day Off

To My Son Daniel on His Graduation Day

Ode to Kaija-Liisa

I Will Follow Tom

The Path of Dan

To My Daughter Becca on Her Graduation Day

Spirit and Truth

On Beauty

Ode to Fred Mahler

Worship and the Conversion of Creation

Music and the Holy Spirit

360 Gratitude, Part 3: Upgrading Our Reality Check

360 Gratitude, Part 2: Thanksgiving and the Art of War

360 Gratitude, Part 1: The Perspective of Heaven

Why Weakness?

Why Suffering?

Prayer for Ashley

Are You in Love?

When Offended

Friendship, Glory, and Authority

When the Candle Watched Me Pray

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