Hold onto Your Thread in the Tangle

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” Bog the Gulf Coast toad might not have reflected on  William Faulkner’s quote, but he lives it in The Jaguar Oracle series I’ve written.

Each event reminds Bog of a similar event involving one of his ancestors, inspiring him to sing  an ode to that forefather (“forefrogger”?). 

It’s tiresome to others, but not to Bog, for he remembers that his story is a thread in the tangle of all stories, past, present, and future. He doesn’t hold back from offering his thread. Perhaps we’d do well to remember too.

For your own tale is connected to everyone else’s. Don’t hold back and be unfaithful to us and to the One who works together for good each knot, warp, and weft of your life. 

At present, you see only clues like clouded patterns on the back of a Persian carpet. But one day the carpet will turn, and you will see how it all worked together for good. And you will see the One who suffered to make it so.

Therefore, today, if you’re only holding onto hope by a thread, it is enough, for it is your thread. Hold onto it.

© Kurt Mähler

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