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I give leaders fresh lenses though imaginative literature, supplying encoded, on-call wisdom for the executive decisions you face. But you have to become a little child to see it. You have to repent. The outcome: courage for your calling.

As leaders, sometimes we need an impartation, not an explanation. That’s what imaginative literature can do. It requires a hunger for clues, a humbling of the heart, a slowing down to soak in something not only for its entertainment value, but for its equipping value. An earnest desire to live fluently.

But if you can go therereally go there to that spiritual desert far removed from the tangled jungle of the ego then what might be a mere tale to others provides you with a fresh lens for leading people and fresh courage for your calling.

My wife Karen and I live on the Arabian Peninsula. We raised our three daughters and two sons in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Karen is from the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. I’m from Houston.

I’ve been a teacher, speaker, journalist, and director of community development projects. But I prefer to write poetry, since it often seems a breath away from prophecy, and of the most encouraging kind. I also enjoy taking long walks until common things become epiphanies.

Where does courage for your calling come from? It comes from a place deeper than words. For deeper than words is the Word. Deeper than the abstract is the incarnate. And if language is to be good, it must be in covenant with the truth. And if the truth is to be good, it must offer us the choice to give ourselves freely to it. In a word, it must be beautiful.

And—as Solzhenitsyn said—if the proud arm of unbelief removes the trees called the True and the Good from the garden, chopping them to stumps, then the tree called Beauty, pushing up from the homely root of self-giving love, will stretch out her bows and do the work of all three.


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