Poet and Author

Where does courage for your calling come from? It comes from a place deeper than words. For deeper than words is the Word. Deeper than the abstract is the incarnate. And if language is to be good, it must be in covenant with the truth. And if the truth is to be good, it must offer us the choice to give ourselves freely to it. In a word, it must be beautiful.

And—as Solzhenitsyn said—if the proud arm of unbelief removes the trees called the True and the Good from the garden, chopping them to stumps, then the tree called Beauty, pushing up from the homely root of self-giving love, will stretch out her bows and do the work of all three.

Recent Articles

Is Holding onto the Cliff Face Success?

We understandably ask, “Who won the Super Bowl?” if we didn’t watch the final dramatic minutes, but we seldom ask “Who persevered?” It is the same question with possibly a more savory answer. How so? Let’s begin by acknowledging that perseverance is not something most of us enjoy, especially in our age. Here is a clue as […]

Do We Do Dissent Well?

Good-hearted leaders keep good-hearted dissenters on their team. They intuitively know that the inconvenience of counterbalancing counsel is far better than the catastrophe of creating an echo chamber of yes men.  The key — as in anything — is that one is good-hearted. It means we don’t go after motives, we go after an honest […]

Vision and Our Need for New Lenses

The more compelling the vision, the harder it can be to see immediate needs of those around you. That’s why we’re better together. We help one another see what we can’t see ourselves. Then authentic love can grow.  In The Jaguar Oracle series, Tripp is a visionary operating a vast, high-tech ranch in South Texas called […]


“What a delight to read new literature in the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.” ~ Brian O.