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Deeper than words is the Word. Deeper than the abstract is the Incarnate. Deeper than prose is poetry. Therefore, if language is to be good, it must be in covenant with the truth. And if the truth is to be good, it must offer us the choice to give ourselves freely to it. In a word, it must be beautiful. And if the proud arm of Unbelief removes the trees called the True and the Good from the Garden, chopping them to stumps, then the tree called Beauty, pushing up from the homely root of self-giving love, will stretch out her bows and do the work of all three.

Recent Articles

Three Servants on Your Day Off

You need three servants to ensure a good day off: rest, refreshment, and reflection. Your heavenly Father knows you need them, for you are both clay and treasure, both biology and mystery: precious to Him. To rest is to trust your Father with your unfinished business. Like a cloud of gnats about our faces, there […]

To My Son Daniel on His Graduation Day

A poem in Milton’s unrhymed English heroic verse   You are the one in battle setting the Trumpet to his mouth ready to rally Scattered soldiers at the gen’ral’s command In fever pitch pressures against all odds Remaining confidently calm, catching His glance as he nods to you to give blast To brass that pushes […]

Absolute Clarity in His Presence

On Resurrection Day, every individual person will have opportunity to render commentary on everyone else without the possibility of deceit, conceit, or error. The Judge of all, scars still present in His resurrected body, will take his seat, and the Light of the World will dispel all darkness, be it the kind which comes through […]


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