The Jaguar Oracle, Book 1: The Trail to the Lonely Tree (2nd edition)

Available in Digital, Paperback, and Hardcover Formats

Friendship, courage, and destiny meet in this whimsical magic realism journey.

Oracle, a jaguar from the Yucatán, arrives in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas because a lost monarch butterfly tells him the story of the last jaguar there. Oracle remembers Eden and the original word Adam spoke to the first of his kind, but others in the Valley have forgotten their names—including Man himself. Oracle begins his quest of restoring the Valley from the perils of loss while searching for the Lonely Tree, the location of the prophetic prayer of the last jaguar from seventy years before. But the path to the Lonely Tree is part of the realm of Man and riddled with “ironthorn” fences. Can Oracle help the animals remember their names given by Adam? Will he become the new Lord of the Valley in answer to the last jaguar’s prayer?

This poetic and hopeful tale about the mystical jaguar Oracle will stay in readers’ hearts even after the last page.

“As C.S. Lewis is my favorite author, it lends to high praise and an easy comparison of Lewis and Kurt Mahler.“

Shelly B.

The Jaguar Oracle, Book 2: The Search for the Shadow Cat

Available in Digital, Paperback, and Hardcover Formats

The Jaguar Oracle series continues with a mystical tale about a jaguar searching for the long-lost jaguarundi, or “shadow cat,” as his quest intersects with human drama and technological developments in South Texas.

Seeking the lair of a legendary creature like the shadow cat requires braving the riddle of a poisonous coral snake. Oracle recovers from a cougar attack through the care of a hermit and is released onto a ranch with exotic wildlife. Now, Oracle and his friends must navigate a world of peril and awaken the animal kingdom of the Rio Grande Valley to the memories of who they truly are.

Showcasing magic realism in Texas, this next stage of Oracle’s journey is fraught with dangers from humans and animals. This mystical story reveals a world in which animals have voices that transcend language and friendships are constant, overcoming the fragility of life and fickle humanity. Poetic and fantastical, this series satisfies a reader’s hungry heart while providing clues for navigating life’s complexities.

“This story is a whimsical, intentional, well-woven reminder that there is more inside of us than we can see, and that the adventure begins when we discover our True Name. I was changed by this story, and if you are looking for a refreshing tale of friendship or are seeking to deepen your sense of purpose and identity, The Jaguar Oracle will more than satisfy!”

Audrea S.

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