Vision and Our Need for New Lenses

The more compelling the vision, the harder it can be to see immediate needs of those around you. That’s why we’re better together. We help one another see what we can’t see ourselves. Then authentic love can grow. 

In The Jaguar Oracle series, Tripp is a visionary operating a vast, high-tech ranch in South Texas called Eden’s Bend, where his entrepreneurial initiatives aspire to make “a whole lot of money to get us back to Eden.” 

But the discovery of a wild jaguar at Eden’s Bend sets in motion a chain of events he didn’t see coming. The binoculars come down. Will he keep them down to see the needs of those near him — and the needs of his own heart —  or will he go back to hiding behind his lenses? 

And how often do we face the same temptation?

Find clues in:
Book 1: The Trail to the Lonely Tree
Book 2: The Search for the Shadow Cat
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