Jim Alford on His 90th

The anchor rests in rocky lodgings deep
While from it spans a straight and steady line
No matter that the listless craft above may drift
For the worst of her wanderings can stray no farther
Than the shape of a perfect circle on the face of the sea
Before returning to her original home, secure

Even so, you have anchored many

The bridge remains above the fishing boats
A causeway joining padre isle to motherland
Columns anchored in the steady world beyond sight
Ascending skyward to form the midair road
Not minding the upholding of those traveling upon it
No sigh or groan at their thankless moving on

Even so, you have carried many

The salt abides where seas have washed the earth
The marshes christened, beach and shoreline too
With crystalline unmelting dew gathered from the Gulf
As waters pass over creation, covering, preserving
Adding savor, flavor to the flatland bearing the kiss
Of the moon-bound tides’ faithful ebb and flow

Even so, you have covered many

The lighthouse stands above the hidden reefs
Where light swings a swath slicing the night
Awakening the sea path in a realm forbidden to the sun
An anchored star to the captain’s salt-stung eye
And compass to his helmsman leading ship to port
As both keep watch seeking their desired haven

Even so, you have guided many

© Kurt Mähler

Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge from Port Isabel, Texas
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