Do We Do Dissent Well?

Good-hearted leaders keep good-hearted dissenters on their team. They intuitively know that the inconvenience of counterbalancing counsel is far better than the catastrophe of creating an echo chamber of yes men. 

The key — as in anything — is that one is good-hearted. It means we don’t go after motives, we go after an honest exploration of the truth together.

Maheo Song is that counterbalance to Tripp in The Jaguar Oracle series. A Cheyenne-American who directs a progressive zoo, Tripp enlists her help to ensure that his business projects don’t outpace the capacity of his sprawling high-tech enterprises and exotic ranch. 

But Maheo Song knows that help means challenging Tripp’s assumptions. Help means spelling out the collateral cost of the vision. Help means speaking the truth in love. 

Maheo Song’s encounters with the jaguar throw her off her footing but place her in touch with a world she has always known is there, just beyond the rim of full comprehension. 

Thrown off her balance, she, too, finds her counterbalance. She, too, learns to listen. And out of the encounter she does what only humans can do: she gives creation a voice. 

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Book 1: The Trail to the Lonely Tree
Book 2: The Search for the Shadow Cat

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