Prayer for Ashley

In response to the news of a friend who is facing the seriousness of her disease and hoping against hope for the healing available in Jesus:

Father in heaven
Father of Ashley
Father redeeming
Father of lights

Never rejecting
Always receiving
Birthing and naming
Sunrise and nights:

Battle for Ashley
Sister beloved
Ashley in heaven
Ashley on earth—

One in the making
New in the body
Healing from Jesus’
Suffering and worth

Gold from the mire
Fourth in the fire
Hand always holding
Never alone

Passing through torrents
Stepping on serpents
Walking together
Above the stones.

We tear the rooftop
We ask believing
We trust Your promise
Gladly receive!

Shield from the terror
Rest in the shadow
Wings of protection
Lord, we believe!

Name of the Savior
Our lips invoking
Speak to the storm clouds
Send them away.

Name of Christ Jesus
Head of the Body
Healer of Ashley
Night is now day!

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