Rest in a Restless Culture

If we live to please people, we are doomed. If we live to draw life from the source of life, we will establish an inner well of grace from which to serve–though not necessarily please–people. ¬†Our aroma one will one of rest, which is the very best thing that people could discern of us. Then it is their choice to choose hunger or hardness of heart.

Rest is not resignation, for the former floats, the latter sinks. Rest remains buoyant because it acknowledges the self-giving love from above as the means of our sustenance and progress, and not our own works. Our works, whether we realize it or not, are collaborative endeavors. To think anything else is to arrogate to ourselves the role of deity, or to lower ourselves to the role of thieves. We, made in the image of the Maker, are through Christ restored to the collaborative endeavor for which we were formed.